Custom made boats and ships.

We can manufacture any boat or ship according to customer specification. We cater shipyards, boat builders and individuals all over the world. Fully functional models can be build on any scale and size, excluding the engines. Models are made from aluminum and steel using the most modern technology, such as CNC, TIG welding, laser, punching and water cuting machines. All external details can be built to order such as tie up winches, auxilary life boats, railings, stairs, lights and fishing winches amongst others to complete realism. Our products and finish will surprise you. We have the best professional craftsmen working for us. We provide exceptional value for the money.

We are happy to talk with you and surprise you with our naval models.



Send us photos or drawings with dimensions of full size, desired scale and quantities required.


Model Examples:


Length: 70 in. (1,780 mm)

Scale: 1:25

Weight: 120 lbs. (55 Kgs.)

Price (FOB): $9,140.00


Length: 70 in. (1,780 mm)

Price (FOB): $2,750.00